SGI Mission

Our mission is to help individuals manage their educational experiences by offering tools that enable collaborative learning, knowledge sharing and relationship building to foster a lifetime of learning.

Our goal is to create an educational social networking community that helps learners facilitate study-groups through "live-local-meeting sessions" or "online-live-meeting sessions".

We strongly believe that true study-grouping requires learners meet with each other, work together, share ideas and teach one-another in a truly meaningful way. Providing tools beyond instant messaging or note sharing, because these services alone do not result in collaborative-learning.

Our vision is to leverage social networking to revolutionize collaborative learning... Millions of people worldwide connect with their family, friends and professional colleagues through social networking. Why not LEARNERS? We will build an online academic-community that connects “like-minded learners”; helping them achieve their educational potential through flexible collaborative-learning.

StudyGroupIt® is student and learner centric. We welcome your feedback and comments to ensure you meet your educational goals, because your needs will determine our path.