Study Groups Save You Time & Money!

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1. Study groups allow you to save time when a “divide and conquer” strategy is practiced. Try not to duplicate work, other than for cross referencing purposes. Dividing up assignments can help group members save valuable study time and make your efforts much more efficient. That saved time can be applied towards different class assignments [&hellip

Do’s & Don’ts for Study Group Success!

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There are very important things to consider when both creating and facilitating a successful study group. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive list of study group tips and suggestions that will help you have the best possible study group experience. We also believe it is important to explain why these elements [&hellip

SGI Thanks You For Your Support!

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Thank You!

StudyGroupIt has just finished its first crowdfunding campaign. Although we did not reach our campaign’s goal, I believe that this first attempt at crowdfunding was very successful in what it taught us about this fairly new form of fund raising. I will later share some thoughts and lessons on what we have learned. Let me [&hellip

StudyGroupIt is ready to “Go-Go”

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StudyGroupIt is the first educational-social-networking company focused on learner centric approaches to improving academics through the use of study-group services. SGI is now announcing their first crowd-funding campaign, launching on July 15, 2012 through SGI is making its first attempt to complete a successful crowd-funding promotion, which is needed to raise $25,000 dollars in [&hellip

Our Story…

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Our Story

The story of StudyGroupIt, as told by Terry A. Robinson, Founder and CEO of (SGI)… In May of 2011 I began to contemplate and seriously wrestle with the idea of making a career change by moving into the world of IT. So I started looking into becoming a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP). Problem [&hellip