Why Start A Study Group?

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This is a fair question! One that millions of high school and college students struggle with routinely. When you think about how long our “academic careers” can be, just about everyone has had some type of educational experience with study-groups (whether negative or positive). I have personally experienced both the negative and positive sides of [&hellip

The Future of Team-Based-Learning!

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Team Based Learning

If you are not familiar with TBL or Team-Based-Learning then you may be wondering, “what the heck is it and what makes it different from other traditional teaching methodologies that students are sometimes required to participate in?” Well, let me start by saying it is like night & day. Michael Sweet, co-author of the book [&hellip

Can mobility revolutionize education?

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The iPad 2’s wealth of new features is a boon for tech-hungry classrooms. Enhanced Facetime will be great for remote lectures or office hours, high-definition video editing will facilitate exploratory learning and reporting, and real-time image mirroring will stylize lectures in science, history, and geography. Additionally, mobile learning is made possible through the iOS 4.3 [&hellip

Ten Benefits Of Team Based Learning!

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Team Learning

Unfortunately, the benefits received from forming a study-group or participating in Team Based Learning is not obvious to everyone. We have all heard the cliché “two heads are better than one”. Well multiply that by 2 or 3 in the world of education, and now some spectacular things start to happen. Here are just few [&hellip

Team-Based Learning…

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Team work

Team-Based Learning, an approach first developed to facilitate active learning in large undergraduate classes, has subsequently proven to be effective in a wide range of instructional settings. The advantages of team-based learning include improved attendance, increased pre-class preparation, better academic performance, and the development of interpersonal and team skills, in class sizes ranging from 10 [&hellip